The Culture Foundry Co

& Strategy

& Strategy

We create solutions to build better brands with our team of strategic experts. A combination of might and wisdom, our strengths lie in brand positioning and architecture, consumer segmentation and journey mapping, and communication and go-to-market strategies.

01. Cultural & consumer trends

As strategists, anthropologists, and futurists, we are keenly observing the big & small worlds that customers and brands live within.
Our understanding of how people and cultures are evolving helps us to shape global, cutting edge brands.

02. Relationship building

We build bridges between brands and people, not just through data but via real and empathetic connections. Our global team of network managers means that regardless of who or where your consumers live, we will identify just the right people who are experts in their own right.

03. Visual Storytelling

Our filmmakers and design team bring our cultural and consumer stories to life with stunning visuals
and compelling storytelling.
Our documentary-style short films add context, texture and depth to your brand’s story.

04. Brand Advocacy

We believe in connecting with natural advocates for your brand, rather than influencers with a post and delete mentality. We create authentic word of mouth campaigns with people who love your brand, have their own reasons for promoting it, and have a network of friends to reach
with their message.