Our purpose is to create a bridge between our clients and the very real people (not just consumers)
they serve.

Our purpose is to create a bridge between our clients and the very real people (not just consumers)
they serve.

We do this through our dedication to
4 key values:

We do this through our dedication to 4 key values:

01. Adventure Together

We support each other through the journey of discovery, honour and welcome the unexpected, and have each other’s backs.

02. Unlock Truth

We create safe spaces that harness powerful human stories, keep our finger on the pulse, and enable beauty and wonder to emerge.

03. Be Open to the Unknown

We are willing to be uncomfortable to capture the truth, to look with fresh eyes and absorb everything, and to challenge our own biases.

04. Be Dynamic

We hold ourselves and our clients to Big Picture Thinking, to challenge ourselves to grow and to change the status quo.

Our Team:

CEO and Co-Founder

Operations Director and Co-Founder

Head of Strategy

Creative Director

Network Manager

Videographer & Editor


Loyiso Mzamane

Hi! My name is Loyiso Mzamane. I’m a Videographer at The Culture Foundry Company. I’m that chilled, observant person in the room, and telling genuine African stories is my forte. In the field & at work I’ve used my experience to be able to move in spaces where our clients are not able to. I pride myself for my ability to reach people. Beyond this, I’m an excellent mixologist and vibe curator. lf you’re looking for good conversations and great background music, I’m your guy!

Sinawo Hali

Hi! My name is Sinawo & I’m a Network Manager/ Strategist at The Culture Foundry Company. I’m a creative that truly enjoys working in the Marketing field. I have two degrees in HR & even though I’ve never worked in the field they sure do come in handy. I am an extrovert that enjoys meeting new people and creating cutting edge fashion content on social media. My personality, which is infectious I might add, and my ambitions are probably what set me apart. If I’m not on Pinterest checking out the latest fashion trends, I’m out meeting new people at an event. My career involves connecting with people, discovering new cultures and working with some of SA’s leading brands.

Leletu Somciza

Hi guys! My name is Leletu Somciza aka ‘Lele’ or ‘Lesom’, for those in the know. People often say that alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. I guess that’s why I’m the Queen of our Network (Community Manager) at The Culture Foundry Company. My work brings me in contact with an extremely wide and diverse range of extraordinary people, on a daily basis. People that I can genuinely call friends and family, not only in South Africa, but often also all over the continent. I use my previous experiences working for a Language School to build genuine connections with people. Pandemic aside I’m the girl you usually just can’t miss at the restaurant; the one engaged in endless conversation at the tapas bar or the one you probably called to get into guest list. If you’ve looked and I’m not at any of these places, I’m getting some soul time with my family.

Luke Van Der Spuy

Hi everyone! My name’s Luke Van der Spuy and I’m a strategist at The Culture Foundry Company. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had an undeniable hunger to solve problems. To understand what (and who) makes things tick. Nothing frustrates me more than a problem I can’t wrap my head around. I think that’s what I love about consumer insights and answering big questions for brands. My work involves turning client briefs into solutions; things that solve complex problems. When I’m not working, I’m either enjoying the outdoors, whipping something up in the kitchen or taking care of my plants.

Kate Snyder

Hello hello! My name’s Kate and I’m Director of Strategy at The Culture Foundry Company. I like to call myself a “people researcher” because I’m fascinated by the weird, wonderful, or even customary ways we live our lives in different ways all around the world. I’m always trying to connect the dots to the deeper social structures that drive the stories we tell, the ways we interact, and the meaning we give to who we are as communities and as people. At least that’s how I justify my nosy curiosity…I’ve had the immense privilege of traveling the world in pre-Covid times, 40-something countries I’ll never take for granted to have experienced now that we’re all homebound, but I’m now living happily in the Magaliesberg mountains with my 4 dogs (husband included)

Priscilla Seddon

Hi my name is Priscilla, aka ‘Agent P’. I am a marketing consultant at
The Culture Foundry Company. I’ve worked overseas for over a
decade and could not be more excited to be back in colourful Mzansi pioneering in the field of cultural intelligence. I truly believe that Africa’s
time is NOW and am super excited to play my part. My goal is to help
clients identify insights that drive business growth and add real
value to consumers lives.

Daniël Ferreira

My name is Daniël, but I also go by Dan The Man. I am Creative Director and a Visual Strategist at The Culture Foundry Company; which means I sit at the intersection between analytics and creativity. I think all strategic choices (whether that refers to video, photography, graphic design, music, or copywriting) must be guided by the principles of visual communication. In other words, I love to make the complicated simple and the simple special. I believe this is that ‘special something’ that gives our work the power it has to create the type of change the world so desperately needs today. I am curious about cultures, nature, spaces, patterns, sounds and tastes. I also love a good pun.

Dali Tembo

Hello, brothers and sisters! My name is Dali Tembo, Co-founder of The Culture Foundry Company. Answering the dreaded ‘what do you do’ question can be a really daunting task. Luckily however, ‘solving daunting tasks’ should probably serve as the only notable sentence on my bio :) Since I can remember, I’ve been that annoying ‘why’ person, endlessly searching for answers most people would quite happily leave unknown. Today, I use the same innate abilities perfected from a life full of diverse interactions with people and cultures, to help decision makers replace the fear of the unknown with unrelenting curiosity & cultural intelligence. Surplus to this, I’m passionate about building a remarkable team, creating life-long client relationships and producing the type of working environment that will birth great ideas for the future. When I’m not working, I’m probably performing dad jokes, being an ‘instagram-fiance’ or feeding my 3 passions: photography, reading and writing.

Bradley Shrimpton

Hello! My name is Bradley Shrimpton, Co-founder and Head of Operations at The Culture Foundry Company. Some people are called ‘walking encyclopaedias’. I guess you could say I’m more of a walking Wired Magazine. Not surprising given that I handle most of our tech ‘issues’🙃. Day to day, I manage our IT infrastructure, Research Apps & Technology Stack requirements. Because we’re T shaped people, I also oversee the Finances of the Business, while keeping a close eye on one of my creative passion points, Video & Production. I think it would be fair to say I’m the dad of the team. And like most dads, I’m extremely proud, and often simply amazed, to see the levels of knowledge, insight and passion that this team brings to the table every single day.